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Amsterdam, November 2017
Official Launch of the PolyStyreneLoop project: Circular economy in action

On November 7, the PolyStyreneLoop (PSL) Cooperative inaugurated the European EPS/XPS industry’s closed-loop solution for the recycling of polystyrene (PS) insulation foam waste in Amsterdam. This innovative project employs a ground-breaking technology (Creasolv® Process) to dissolve PS foam waste, while also allowing for the extraction and recovery of bromine from the recently restricted flame retardant chemical, HBCD, which can then be used again for the production of new flame retardants.

Mr Paolo Sandri, speaking on behalf of the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs of the European Commission, explained .... read more ( PDF, 830.1 kB)

Terneuzen, Mai 2016. Ende 2015 war eine Gruppe von Repräsentanten der verschiedenen Branchen der europäischen Industrie für expandierbares Polystyrol (EPS) bei ICL-IP in Terneuzen eingeladen, die entschied, eine proaktive Haltung gegenüber der gesamten Wertschöpfungskette durch die Unterstützung des Baus einer Testanlage zum Recycling von Polystyrol (PS) aus Bauschutt und Bauabfällen mittels des „CreaSolv® Prozesses“ einzunehmen. Lesen Sie mehr in der Pressemitteilung. ( PDF, 359.62 kB)

Terneuzen, May 2016. In late 2015 a representative group of the European Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) supply chain decided to actively support the implementation of a closed loop recycling method for EPS, the CreaSolv process. Read more in the document enclosed. ( PDF, 259.29 kB)