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News December 2019

Milestones 2019 - Outlook 2020

Dear members and supporters,
The year is coming to an end, a perfect time to reflect on achievements and challenges and to look towards next year. The major hurdle for us this year was securing the loans with Rabobank and the NGF. Having achieved this, we can now start with the construction of the plant.

Some effort will however still be required to meet a number of deliverables for the final release of the NGF subordinate loan. Wherever applicable, we therefore count on your continued support.

As you may have seen on LinkedIn, we have extended our team over the past months, to support us in the increasing activities. Other achievements in 2019 were the signing of a number of Supply Agreements, the positive results from the recycled PS - tested by Sunpor and Synthos – as well as the emission tests during demolition and pre-treatment, co-funded by BASF and EUMEPS. We published the “Collection and Pre-treatment Guideline”; everyone can read the detailed information on the process steps from demolition to final recycling by PolyStyreneLoop on our internet site: (downloads section). Furthermore, thanks to the EUMEPS guarantee we started with the transfer of the coordinating beneficiary role of the LIFE Grant from Synbra to PolyStyreneLoop.